Net Insight, STCC, Lagardère and Storyfire Set to Launch APP Solution for Live-Viewing Experience

Net Insight partnered with STCC, Lagardère and Storyfire to provide a racing viewing experience on mobile devices. The solution was streamed and available for all fans at the premier of the STCC event at Solvalla, on June 17.

“We are very excited about being able to bring STCC closer to all motor sport enthusiasts and offer them a completely new viewing experience.” says Fredrik Tumegård, CEO of Net Insight. The TV and media industry is currently going through a huge transformation and this partnership is equally important as it is exciting when it comes to demonstrating the future of television and bringing people closer together.”

The solution includes parallell feeds from well-known motor sport influencers including comments and analysis about the race. The app solution also includes in-car cameras allowing viewers to follow their favorite driver and view multiple feeds at the same time to follow parallel actions on the track. Thus, the solution turns the viewers into their own producers, making them part of the live event. The inherent low delay, synchronized delivery and fast channel switching of Net Insight’s live OTT solution Sye helps to provide a live experience for the viewers.

“This is the first glimpse of the future of live sports viewing. STCC has always been in the forefront in creating new value added services for our fans, and we are sure they will be as excited as we are to make this available to our race event broadcasts,” says Jonas Lundin, CEO of STCC.

Lagardère has partnered with STCC on sponsor and hospitality rights. It has played an important role exploring the new monetization opportunities in collaboration with sponsors.

“This format opens up many new opportunities for content owners and rights holders to monetize their content without cannibalizing on existing rights,” says Martin Håkansson, CEO of Lagardère Sports Scandinavia.We are excited to be part of this pioneering project and see a big potential for other sports and international events to further monetize on their content.”

The solution complements the existing broadcast TV and opens up new revenue streams and monetization opportunities for the content and right’s owners.

“This format has been developed in order for the broadcasters and its right holders to develop its offering to a digital and specific audience. It also provides the opportunity to distribute the STCC race to other media partners, and to open up several new selected windows of live broadcasts for its rights owners” says Tobias Bringholm, founder and CEO of Storyfire. “The creative idea is a first look at the new live TV window that combines the traditional TV broadcast with the experience of being in the car with the STCC drivers.”

The Solvalla event on June 17, 2017 will be a showcase for sponsors and partners, to highlight the potential for a possible full roll out during 2018. The order value for this event is less than SEK 1 million.