Comrex Opal and NX World Tour Continues in Chicago

The Comrex Opal and NX World Tour is a year-long whirl around the globe. The company is partnering with distributors and local broadcast organizations to bring its recently debuted Opal and ACCESS NX as well as its LiveShot IP Video codec directly to broadcasters and content creators in their hometowns. More dates and locations are being added on a daily basis so keep checking back to see if Comrex will be visiting a city near you. Its next stop will be Chicago, IL, on June 26.

Join Comrex for food, some cool swag, shiny new products, and fellowship.

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Check here to see when Comrex is coming to your town:

  • May 8-12 – Guayaquil, Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador – in partnership with Sistemas
  • May 16 – Minneapolis, MN – in partnership with BSW, Alpha Video, and SBE 17
  • May 22 – Washington DC – Nationals Park – in partnership with BSW, AMV, and SBE 37
  • May 31 – New York, NY – in partnership with Dale Pro Audio, AMV, SBE 15, and New York AES Section
  • June 6 – Philadelphia, PA – in partnership with BGS
  • June 8-16 – Mexico – in partnership with Medios Dirsa
  • June 26 – Chicago, IL – in partnership with BGS and SBE 26
  • July 20 – Denver, CO – in partnership with BSW, Burst, and SBE 48
  • August 16-23 – Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Rio, Brazil – in partnership with Savana
  • August 24-27 – Acapulco, Mexico – in partnership with Medios Dirsa
  • September 28-30 – Toronto, Canada
  • September 28-30 – Peru Expotec
  • October 15-19 – Santiago, Chile
  • October 19-28 – Argentina – Microtel