Advanced Audio Symposium

Advanced Audio Symposium Sponsors
Lead Sponsor: Dolby
Co-Sponsors: Audio-Technica, Calrec/DigiCo, Dale Pro Audio, JBL by Harman, and Lawo

DTV Audio Group and SVG present the:
Advanced Audio Symposium: Emerging Trends and Technologies in Sports Audio Production and Distribution
Wednesday, July 12th
through Friday, July 14th, 2017
Detroit, MI

The objective of this symposium is to create an opportunity for sports mixers, sound designers, and production engineers to familiarize themselves with emerging audio production and distribution technology. Attendees will explore and discuss how these technologies will impact their work.

A reception will be held on July 12th, followed by all day sessions and a subsequent dinner on July 13th. Outbound travel will occur on the morning of July 14th.


July 13 Topics:

  • Atmos-based object audio for personalization and enhanced surround
  • Sound design, mixing, monitoring, contribution encoding strategies for enhanced surround
  • IP production infrastructure and IP audio transport technology and solutions
  • Advanced microphone technology including digital, networked, array, and surround microphones
  • Exploration of audio for VR and impact on traditional production
  • Live production mix automation and assisted-mixing technologies
  • Emerging role of mixer plugins
  • Wireless spectrum crunch
  • Evolving consumer audio experience; virtualized sound bars, headphones, etc.


The Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
2501 Worldgateway Pl
Detroit, MI 48242
Map and Directions

In order to facilitate travel in and out, we have sought a centrally located hub airport with an attached hotel. We have selected Detroit Metro with the Westin Hotel directly connected to the concourse including a dedicated TSA line from the hotel lobby.

Participants and Presenters:

Fred Aldous, Fox Sports, Senior Audio and Audio Consultant
Kevin Cleary, ESPN, Remote Audio Specialist
Mathew Gilbert, BT Sport, Sound Supervisor
Dave Grundtvig, Turner Sports, Senior Audio
Karl Malone, NBC Sports and NBC Olympics, Director, Sound Design
Scott Pray, ESPN, Senior Audio, Monday Night Football
Sean Richardson, Starz Entertainment, Executive Director and Principal Audio Engineer
Ian Rosam, Video Sound Services Limited, Managing Director
Henry Rousseau, ESPN, Senior Operation Manager
Tom Sahara, Turner Sports, VP, Operations and Technology
Edward Soltis, CBS Sports, Senior Audio
Jim Starzynski, NBC Universal, Director and Principal Audio Engineer
Steve Silva, Fox Networks, Technology and Strategy Consultant
Pat Thornton, Turner Sports, Senior Audio
Richard Williams, Telegenic, Audio Guarantee

Please contact Andrew Lippe at regarding registration and accommodations.