Spectrum Auction Hits A Milestone In Reverse

The Federal Communications Commission’s reverse auction reached a milestone this week with the announcement of bids raised for 126 MHz of television airwaves. After 52 rounds of broadcaster bidding in the reverse auction, the amount bid the multi-part event is […]  More

NBC at NASCAR: The ‘New First Year’

In what would have been a perfect handoff of a baton in a relay race, Fox Sports and NBC Sports shared the latter’s technical infrastructure over the weekend as for the beginning of NBC’s new decade-long agreement for the exclusive […]  More

Tech Focus: Venue Sound — Some New Wrinkles

Live sound systems in sports venues have seen some large-scale trends evolve over the last few years: most notably, the shift to full-range systems that can accommodate the wider variety of music that teams, leagues, players, and fans have been […]  More