DTV Audio Group Loudness Management Seminar Las Vegas, Sunday, April 11, 2010



The DTV Audio Group, in association with the Sports Video Group, invites you to attend the 2010 Loudness Management Seminar.  This will be held from 1pm to 5:30 PM on April 11, 2010. It will take place at the Alexis Park Hotel and Casino on East Harmon in Las Vegas.

All members of the Digital Television Audio Community are invited to attend this free of charge event, courtesy of our contributing sponsors; Calrec, Dale Pro Audio, Day Sequerra/DTS, Dolby, and Linear Acoustic.

This will be a great opportunity to learn about the RP from the audio experts who worked for over two years to develop the document and the professionals now implementing the practices.


Digital television audio loudness continues to be a troublesome problem for large and small networks, local stations, cable and satellite operators and other Multichannel Video Program Distributors (MVPD’s).  The vast improvement in audio capability of the ATSC AC-3 audio system over analog TV has brought with it an increase dynamic range and metadata controlled level scaling.  This transition created a culture change in audio loudness management that at first, many broadcasters were ill equipped and unprepared to adapt to.

Unfortunately, this situation continues to result in consistent audio challenges for the broadcaster, advertiser, programmer and MVPD. Ineffective DTV loudness management to date has lead to widespread viewer complaints and the looming threat of legislative and regulatory action to control the problem.

Ahead of these issues, with an initiative starting in April of 2007 and against this backdrop, the Advanced Television System’s Committee (ATSC) released Recommended Practice A/85: Techniques for Establishing and Maintaining Audio Loudness for Digital Television.

Created by ATSC S6-3, a group of industry experts with real-world experience in DTV audio, this paper focuses directly on loudness management recommendations for the broadcaster, operator, content creator and MVPDs.

The DTV Audio Group has invited members of S6-3 to discuss the key aspects of this document.   In addition, joining them will be broadcast engineering and operations managers and DTV technologists discussing their unique, workable applications of good loudness practice.


12:30: Registration

1:00: Welcome/Introduction: Roger Charlesworth, President Charlesworth Media; Executive Director, DTV Audio Group

1:05: From Analog to Digital; Background on DTV Loudness and Impact on Government and Industry: Tom Holman, Professor of Film Sound, University of Southern California

1:15: Working it Out Together; Summary of the S6-3 Subcommittee Process: Pat Waddell, Manager, Standards and Regulatory, Harmonic Inc, Chairman ATSC TSG/S6

1:30: Where is it Going Wrong? Identifying Real-World Loudness Challenges

The panel reviews the steps along the chain where loudness management practice plays a role and explores the situations and potential causes for error.

Moderated by: Roger Charlesworth

Panelists: Matt Braatz, Senior Vice President, Broadcast Operations, NBC Universal; David Converse, Vice President Operations, Director of Engineering for ABC Owned Stations; Craig Cuttner, Senior Vice President, Advanced Technology, Home Box Office; Jim DiMattia, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Verizon Communications; Doc Goldstein, Vice President Sound Engineering, NBC Universal; and Burke Moody, Executive Director, Association of Independent Creative Editors


The 66 page A/85 rigorously explores every aspect of loudness management and unequivocally defines best practice in a wide range of areas and applications.  This panel of industry experts, instrumental in crafting this comprehensive document and led by NBC Universal’s Jim Starzynski, will guide us through its key sections

Moderated by Jim Starzynski, Principal Engineer, NBC Universal

Part One:

Measurement: Steve Lyman, Senior Staff Engineer, Technology, Strategy, Dolby Labs

Monitoring: Tom Holman, Professor of Film Sound, University of Southern California

Metadata: Tim Carroll, President, Linear Acoustic Inc.


Part Two:

Loudness Recommendation for Program Exchange: Sean Richardson, Senior Manager Post Production/Principal Audio Engineer, Starz Entertainment

Program to Interstitial Loudness: Jim Starzynski, Principal Engineer, NBC Universal

The Quick Reference Guides: Richard Friedel, Executive Vice President, Fox Networks, Operations and Engineering

AC-3 Reversible Dynamic Range Control: Hen Hunold, Broadcast Applications Engineer, Dolby Laboratories

Modern, Conventional Dynamic Range Control: Tim Carroll, President, Linear Acoustic Inc.

4:15-5:15: Putting it into Practice; Implementing Practical Solutions Based on ATSC A/85:

Operations and engineering managers will discuss the practical solutions they are implementing in their faculties today which take advantage of A85 intended to ensure loudness quality and consistency and improve viewer satisfaction.

Moderated By Roger Charlesworth

Panelists: Richard Buchanan,Vice President of Content Operations and Engineering, Comcast Media Center; Ivan Larsen, Regional Technical Service Manager, Time Warner Cable; Kirk Marple, Chief Software Architect and President of RadiantGrid Technologies; Steven Silva, Director of Training Procedures, Fox Networks, Engineering; Jim Starzynski, Principal Engineer, NBC Universal; Robin Thomas, Group Director, Engineering, ABC

5:15-5:30: Getting It Out There; DTV Audio Group, Loudness Management On-Line Training Initiative: Tom Sahara, Senior Director Remote Operations and Information Technology, Turner Sports; Chairman, DTV Audio Group

The DTV Audio Group is launching an online tutorial designed to make it easier for production personnel to understand critical aspects of the A85.  DTV Audio Group Chairman, Tom Sahara of Turner Sports will discuss this important initiative.

5:30: End of Program