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3ality Technica Expands IT Hollywood Presence in to Europe Via ONSIGHT

3ality Technica, a leading 3D production technology innovator and provider, has formalized its long-term relationship with its European service partner ONSIGHT, with ONSIGHT acting as an independent 3ality Technica service contractor for all of Europe. ONSIGHT joins existing service partner […]  More

NAB 2012: 3ality Technica Shines Spotlight on 3D Production

3ality Technica will unveil some of its new 3D production technology. With the recent acquisition of Element Technica by 3ality Digital, the combined single company, 3ality Technica, is a leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of 3D production […]  More

NAB 2012: 3ality Technica Aims to Simplify 3D Production Process

3ality Technica will featured software solutions that will minimize production time and simplify the 3D production process, new Elements accessories led by the launch of the complete Sony F3 kit, and other key production tools. 3ality Technica is an innovator, […]  More

3ality Technica Teams Up with RED for REDucation

As official sponsors and partners of REDucation, 3ality Technica’s systems, technology, and RED AKS will be prominently utilized in the coursework being taught, as well as showcased during community night on Stage 6. REDucation will take place next week, December […]  More