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LSU Tigers Get Sound To Shout About This Season

When LSU’s Tiger Stadium was expanded to more than 102,000 seats between 2012 and 2014 from its previous capacity of 92,500, it became the third-largest stadium in the SEC, the sixth-largest in the NCAA, and the ninth-largest in the world. […]  More

Georgia Tech Transforms McCamish Pavilion

Technically speaking, Georgia Tech’s Hank McCamish Pavilion may be a renovation (and renaming) of Alexander Memorial Coliseum, but you wouldn’t know it. With the exception of the roof and supporting steel structure, the home of Yellow Jackets basketball is an […]  More

Michigan State’s Spartan Stadium Never Sounded So Good

The upper collegiate sports tiers venerate their aging stadiums as they would a great library or chapel. Fortunately, sound systems aren’t included in landmark-status qualifications, which lets these “mature” facilities be updated so that they can sound like freshmen again. […]  More