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Bannister Lake Adopts NewTek NDI for Live IP Production Workflows

broadcast data aggregation and graphics solutions provider Bannister Lake has adopted NewTek’s Network Device Interface (NDI) technology for live IP production workflows over Ethernet networks. With the integration of NDI, Bannister Lake’s software offerings will be recognizable as video sources by […]  More

Bannister Lake Establishes Rental Business for Special Projects

Bannister Lake is growing its rental business in Canada, giving broadcast and production customers an array of options for special projects requiring professional graphics and branding automation.  The company’s rental business has quickly gained popularity for live sports and election […]  More

Bannister Lake Simplifies On-Air Branding Workflow for Broadcasters

Graphics automation specialist Bannister Lake has released the second generation of BL Brando, a data-rich, web-based software solution that simplifies how broadcasters dynamically incorporate and continuously update bugs, promos, snipes, sponsor messages, social media hashtags, and other branding elements within […]  More

Bannister Lake Software Amplifies On-Air Election Coverage

On June 12, Bannister Lake enabled Canadian broadcast and cable networks in Ontario, including Shaw Media’s Global Toronto, to deliver real-time, on-air results from the 41st Provincial Election with BL Elector, a unique software-based solution that intelligently manages the constant flow […]  More

Bannister Lake Licenses Broadcast Software to Bell Media

Bannister Lake will license its enterprise-class software solutions to Bell Media, including all 18 CTV stations, BNN, CityTV stations, and many specialty networks and channels.  The network-wide solution will centralize news content management and channel branding at various hubs including […]  More

Bannister Lake Launches BL Score Bug Go

Bannister Lake announces the immediate availability of BL Score Bug Go; a compact, cost-effective, lightweight professional score bug solution for live broadcast sports and in-house venue stadium, arena, and park production.  This carry-on package provides support for HD-SDI output of […]  More