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IEEE Proceedings: Fandom of the Opera

  This one has it all, from toxic candles to quantum entanglement, the story of how opera created the modern media world, with full references. Here’s a free link to the paper, published in the March 2016 issue of the Proceedings […]  More

The Fandom of the Opera (Long Version)

The Fandom of the Opera: How the Audience for a Four-Century-Old Art Form Helped Create the Modern Media World (TRT: 1:48:35) Mark Schubin, the engineer who helped design the “Live from Lincoln Center” broadcasts, shares his insights on how opera, […]  More

Media-Technology and Opera History

Below are most of the posts and comments that have appeared on the LinkedIn Media-Technology and Opera History group. As more are posted, they will be added here. Unless otherwise noted, all posts and comments are by me. To get […]  More