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HBS Training Program Produces Local TV Experts

When Host Broadcast Services (HBS) starts to implement operations in a host country to produce coverage for a major soccer event like a FIFA World Cup, the company always seeks local support. Luckily for local students, HBS chooses to recruit […]  More

LiveMotionConcept Replays the World Cup

During its official World Cup broadcasts, Host Broadcast Services chose to keep its use of replays on the lighter side, generally using no more than a half dozen high-speed replay sequences per period. However, thanks to German broadcaster LiveMotionConcept (LMC), […]  More

World Cup Gets Complex Sound Infrastructure

“Ten times bigger than Super Bowl” is the way Henry Rousseau, coordinating technical manager for ESPN, describes the upcoming World Cup telecasts from South Africa June 11-July 11. The network will have three control rooms set up in Johannesburg: Control […]  More