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The Newton and Leibniz of Imaging

Some say Isaac Newton first invented the calculus. Others say it was Gottfried Leibniz. Imagine what it would be like if you could take a seminar on the calculus from both of them! Well, you can’t. They’re both dead. But […]  More

Comments on the Tessive Time Filter

In a previous post, I described the Tessive Time Filter, subject of a presentation and demonstration at February’s HPA Tech Retreat.  John Watkinson submitted a comment on it, and Tony Davis, Tessive’s founder, responded.  First, here is John’s comment: The […]  More

Intro & Year in Review, HPA Tech Retreat 2012

Intro & Year in Review HPA Tech Retreat 2012 PowerPoint: Schubin-HPA2012-Intro_Year_in_Review.ppt 29 slides (1440 x 1080) with audio, 9.9 MB, TRT: 18:35 YOU MUST BE IN SLIDESHOW MODE TO HEAR THE AUDIO MP4: Schubin-HPA2012-Year_in_Review.mp4 640 x 480, 17.8 MB, TRT: […]  More

Sony OLED Reference Monitors

At next week’s HPA Tech Retreat in Rancho Mirage, California, Sony will introduce their TriMaster EL series of OLED reference monitors, the 16.5-inch BVM E170 and the 24.5-inch BVM E250. Here are some of their characteristics: 30,000-hour panel life better […]  More

2010 HPA Tech Retreat: More 3D Follow-Ups

I wrote previously about the strange case of potential customers wanting to buy Panasonic’s 3D professional camcorder even before the company had finalized its optical system.  Panasonic brought the AG-3DA1 to last month’s HPA Tech Retreat (along with a professional […]  More