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Tech Focus: Bodypacks, Part 1

In the world of bodypack transmitters, size still matters. The value of athlete audio and on-field sound continues to increase, putting a premium on devices small and light enough to not interfere with play but able to reliably reach a […]  More

2015 AES Show Has Broadcast Moments

The Audio Engineering Show at the Javits Center Oct. 30-Nov. 1 marked the event’s semiannual hegira to New York. It arrived barely a week after the city’s remaining flagship multiroom commercial music-recording facility, Avatar Studios, had announced that it is […]  More

Sound for the Meanest Eight Seconds in Sport

To some, PBR is code for a beverage once found in bowling alleys and enjoying a resurgence in urban hipster enclaves. But, in much of the rest of the country, that acronym conjures up the meanest eight seconds imaginable. That’s […]  More

DTV Audio Group Wraps Series of Meets on Spectrum Ideas

The DTV Audio Group held a series of meetings in June, between constituents and stakeholders in the impending auction-based reallocation of RF spectrum, and with the FCC and its Office of Engineering Technology (OET), to present ideas on alternative spectrum […]  More