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B&H To Host Polecam Starter Pack Premiere

B&H will premiere the Polecam Starter Pack at The Studio Showroom on Wednesday, Oct. 5. Polecam is a leader in truly portable systems for digital film and television content creation. The Polecam Starter Pack is the new rig designed for […]  More

Polecam 3D Demos Impress at NAB

Several visitors to Polecam’s 3D demonstrations at the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas last month claimed that it was “the best 3D in the entire show.” With many exhibitors navigating through the minefield of shooting 3D through variable-magnification optics, […]  More

SnoCross Racing Gets Polecam Treatment

Polecam operator Steve Rausch has completed his second season capturing ISOC National SnoCross Racing (SnoX). Nine events were organized by the International Series of Champions during winter 2009-2010, each race being streamed live on the internet and later edited into […]  More

Polecam Featured at B&H Studio in NYC

The Studio – B&H has added a the Polecam Pro 1 System model to the Studio’s showroom, which is adjacent to the B&H Superstore in New York City. The Studio allows production professionals to experience first hand a selection of […]  More