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Surround Microphones: Available Choices

Considering how crucial surround audio has become for broadcast sports, the number of specialty surround microphones has remained relatively static in recent years. Some of the market is made up of freelance A1s who make the investment and then rent […]  More

Shotgun Mics: A Product Round-Up

It’s a mature market sector, but shotgun microphones continue to get incremental refinements to their operation, and major product releases are expected at NAB in April. Here’s what the lay of the land looks like now. Audio-Technica Both the 14.96-in. […]  More

Surround Microphones: Taking Aim at the U.S. Market

Surround microphones remain a rarefied niche, although the handful of manufacturers that make dedicated broadcast versions continue to try to make inroads into mainstream sports broadcasts. They’ve managed to accomplish that to a large extent in Europe and the UK […]  More

Load Up! New Shotguns Hit the Mark

The NAB Show is seeing significant movement in a technology sector that has been rather staid for years. Multiple manufacturers — including Sennheiser, Sanken, and Shure — introduced shotgun microphones, giving the category a virtual makeover. Shure is exhibiting four […]  More