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Sporting News Media Research Delves into How Fans Consumer NFL Content

Sporting News Media, a PERFORM Group company, which operates, the Sporting News (SN) ePlayer and the U.S. edition of, has released its latest “Sporting Views” proprietary research, which analyzed data from its SN ePlayer network, which reaches more […]  More

Cobalt Digital Gear On Board NEP Trucks at Super Bowl

Two of NEP’s fleet rolled into New Orleans equipped with a host of Cobalt Digital terminal gear to cover the Super Bowl for CBS Sports earlier this month. NEP’s Supershooters / SS22 HD Production truck was on hand for game […]  More

Level 3’s Vyvx VenueNet+ to Transmit Super Bowl Broadcast

Level 3 Communications will provide live, high definition television broadcast video services for Super Bowl XLVII this Sunday, using Level 3’s Vyvx VenueNet+ technology. The Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans is connected directly to Level 3’s advanced fiber-optic network, enabling the TV broadcast of […]  More