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Surround Sound Goes Wireless

Virtually all major-league sports on television are now broadcast in native 5.1 surround sound. However, the vast majority of viewers continue to consume these shows in stereo, at best. The gulf between these two extremes can be partly explained by […]  More

DTS Delivers Winning Surround Sound for Global Super Bowl Telecast

DTS Neural Surround technology will be integrated into the NFL international HD broadcast of Super Bowl XLVI, live from Indianapolis. For the fifth consecutive year, DTS and the NFL will provide television viewers across the globe the opportunity to experience the […]  More

Chiefs Radio Network Takes Surround Sound Leap with DTS

Cumulus Media and Chiefs Radio Network – the NFL’s third largest affiliate network—teamed up to broadcast all Kansas City Chiefs home and away games this season with DTS Neural Surround technology. The partnership marks football’s first surround sound broadcast delivery […]  More

Surround Microphones: Taking Aim at the U.S. Market

Surround microphones remain a rarefied niche, although the handful of manufacturers that make dedicated broadcast versions continue to try to make inroads into mainstream sports broadcasts. They’ve managed to accomplish that to a large extent in Europe and the UK […]  More

Surround Microphones Still a Market in Progress

Surround audio has become entrenched as a standard format in sports broadcasting. But the tools of the trade are far from standardized. In creating 5.1 soundscapes, A1s seem to use multiple mono or stereo microphones as often as dedicated multichannel […]  More

Shotguns Move Slowly Toward Surround Sound

So much of sports broadcasting’s audio infrastructure is now built out for surround sound, but the shotgun microphone remains primarily a mono proposition, increasingly stereo but largely resistant to the multichannel movement. Sanken offers the only single-piece example in the […]  More