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Vancouver 2010: EBU Awards T-VIPS Winter Olympic Gold

The European Broadcast Union (EBU) has deployed T-VIPS CP541 Seamless Monitoring Switches from T-VIPS, a provider of professional video contribution and distribution solutions, to provide error-free transmission of Winter Olympic footage to EBU members. Eurovision, the EBU’s Operation Unit, manages […]  More

BC Place Sets Up Backup for the Backup

At the Vancouver Olympics, BC Place is a critical venue for Olympic Broadcast Services (OBS). Although no events are contested there, plenty of medals are awarded inside the stadium, and every athlete has the opportunity to march through the stadium […]  More

A Melting Pot in the Olympic Hockey Compound

Canada Hockey Place, where the Olympic hockey games are played, is a hockey venue year-round, so it did not require many changes to make it Olympics-ready for the Vancouver Games. The truck compound outside of the venue, however, is a […]  More